About Us

Our passion is flavour

Flavour brings food to life, awakens the senses, and makes things more vibrant. With it, every meal – even, every bite – can tell a story and take you on a journey. But flavour doesn’t start or stop on the end of a fork. It can be used to enhance the experiences surrounding food too. That’s why we offer a wide variety of flavourful products along with the inspiration you need to add a little something extra to the eating experience as a whole.

McCormick in Australia

As part of the largest producer of herbs and spices in the world, McCormick Foods Australia has an intimate knowledge of global food and flavour trends. Our company is highly regarded within the food industry as a strong innovator and flexible manufacturer of a wide range of high quality products, with outstanding technical , and operational expertise. We offer a unique blend of businesses, ideas, people, and products.

McCormick Australia manufactures an extensive range of herbs & spices, recipe mix meal bases, coatings, marinades, dressings, sauces, syrups and toppings. Our products can be found throughout the food industry, from retail outlets, to food manufacturers, and even in the food service businesses.


Through every milestone in McCormick’s history, there’s a common thread: We keep pushing to raise the art, science and passion of flavor to a higher level—and improving the universal experience of eating.

Flavour Forecast

The McCormick Flavour Forecast® is an annual look at emerging culinary trends and tastes shaping how consumers across the world view and experience flavour, inspiring creative and delicious innovations for years to come. McCormick celebrates the power of flavor and food experiences which connect people and cultures from around the world.

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