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December 2022

McCormick's Packaging Roadmap & Sustainability Goals

Delivering top tier financial performance while doing what’s right for people, communities where we live, work and source, and the planet we all share continues to be a core principle in how McCormick operates.Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development goals, McCormick has developed environmental goals related to our packaging. Click here to see our full PLP report.

As a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and with partnerships like ARL and REDcycle, McCormick Australia has been able to make significant progress toward our goals through activities such as material substitution, including removal of problematic materials like PVC sleeves, and light weighting of packaging.

On 9 November 2022, McCormick’s partner REDcycle announced the pause of its soft plastic, back-to-store collection programme due to industry-wide recycling challenges. This means that until further notice, consumers using products with McCormick packaging featuring the REDcycle logo with recycling directions on pack should disregard those printed directions and place the packaging in standard rubbish bins for recycling. For more information on REDcycle and the pause of the programme, please refer to

McCormick remains committed to our packaging roadmap and working with industry, customers, government and consumers to deliver the sustainable development goals.